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We provide consultancy advice to meet your short, medium and longer-term objectives. We believe we are well qualified to provide the necessary expertise because at Fidelis we:


  • Offer advice on the management of a full range of benefits
  • Think differently
  • Act positively
  • Work in partnership with clients and insurers
  • Deliver solutions via innovative and pragmatic consultancy services
  • Ensure costs are managed in line with benefit provision

There are many affordable ways in which we can help you provide your employees with the benefits explained below or assist you with managing escalating costs for an existing policy or service.

Health Insurance

A Health Insurance policy covers employees who require the treatment of acute/short-term medical conditions such as elective and non-emergency surgery. It allows fast access to medical treatment that may not be available on the NHS, and at the time it is needed most. Waiting lists are typically shorter, and Health Insurance treatment can be provided at a time that suits your business.

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International Health Insurance

An International Health Insurance policy is available for employees living and working overseas when state healthcare is often unavailable. It covers acute and chronic (long-term) conditions and provides services such as routine maternity cover and access to a Private GP.

As there is no access to the NHS, this replaces the state healthcare system.

International Healthcare Insurance is for Expatriates and Third Country Nationals (TCN).

It is important you understand country-to-country requirements if you are planning on purchasing this insurance for your employees.

Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance provides reimbursement for dental treatment carried out by both NHS and Private Dentists. The number of NHS dentists is decreasing; therefore, Private Dentistry is more commonplace.

The cover is provided for reimbursement of most dental treatments. However, reimbursements are not necessarily paid in full, depending on the cover chosen.

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Manager and Junior Employee

Cash Plan

Cash plans are low-cost to the employer and high value to employees.  Members are reimbursed for benefits such as physiotherapy, optical and dental treatment.

This benefit is a good option for smaller businesses that may not have the budget for higher cost employee benefits like Health Insurance. The cost of treatment is not always reimbursed in full, depending on the chosen benefit level.

Occupational Health

Occupational health services are all about helping you to manage employee health effectively. Services include Absence Management, Rehabilitation, Risk assessments, Health surveillance and prevention, Workplace Immunisations and Health promotion.

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Young employee attending an assistance session

Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP)

An EAP provides access to support for several life and mental health-related issues. This is done via telephone and face-to-face counselling. It also supports more general life issues such as money, relationship, and legal matters. This is good for the employee’s wellbeing and provides a Duty of Care from the Employer.

Health Assessment

A Health Assessment provides regular Health checks for employees to ensure continued Health and Wellbeing. It is an excellent tool to help to highlight health issues before serious complications arise, prevention rather than cure.

These Assessments can take place onsite and at Health Assessment centres, depending on the level of cover chosen.

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