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Business Protection

Protecting your business and employees

Ensuring you protect your business and employees in the unfortunate event of their death, long-term illness, accident, injury or failed travel plans is business-critical.

There is a range of protection type insurances to assist you in managing these unforeseen risks and there are many affordable ways in which we can help you provide your employees with the benefits explained below. We can also assist you with managing escalating costs if you have an existing policy.

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Group Income Protection

Group income protection is an insurance policy that provides employees with financial support if they cannot work due to long-term illness or injury. It ensures they can still earn a proportion of their lost earnings until they are fit to return to work.

These policies often include rehabilitation services to support an employee’s return to work and services such as wellness, counselling, and training support as early interventions before significant time off is needed.

Boarding meeting discussing Group Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance is a popular employee benefit for businesses that want to help support the employee’s family in the case of an untimely death.

The benefit level is Linked to a multiple of the employee’s salary; this policy pays a lump sum or a dependants’ pension to the family or beneficiaries of an employee who dies whilst covered by the policy.

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Group Critical Illness Insurance

Group Critical Illness pays out a tax-free lump sum if an insured employee is diagnosed with a specific critical illness or condition and, for most conditions, survives for 14 days.

In the unfortunate event that an employee needs to name a claim, they will usually receive their payout as a tax-free lump sum.

Executive taking accident insurance

Personal Accident Insurance

Personal accident cover provides payment if your employees can’t work due to a bodily injury following an accident. The cover provides 24-hour protection, whether the injury happens at work or outside of work in their own time.

Snow boarder with winter sports international insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance protects employees who frequently travel for business or leisure purposes—typically covering medical treatment, cancellation, curtailment and loss of personal belongings. It can also cover Winter Sports and often includes additional Personal Accident cover, depending on the level of cover chosen.

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