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Everyone’s needs are different…

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We recognise that the most essential thing in life is the Health and wellbeing of your family. We offer a personalised and friendly service aimed at helping you and your family get the most out of your insurances.

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Health Insurance

A Health Insurance policy within the UK provides cover for the treatment of acute/short-term medical conditions such as elective and non-emergency surgery. It allows fast access to medical treatment that may not be available on the NHS, and at the time it is needed most. Waiting lists are typically shorter, and Health Insurance treatment can be provided at a time that suits you.

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International Health Insurance

International Healthcare Insurance is for Expatriates and Third Country Nationals (TCN). This insurance policy is designed for people living or working overseas where state healthcare is often unavailable. It covers acute and chronic (long-term) conditions and provides services such as routine maternity cover and access to a Private GP.

It is important you understand country-to-country requirements if you are planning on purchasing this insurance.

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